Saturday, 15 October 2011

poetry, haiku and haiga by gennepher

moon's ivory painting ~ floating ~ in the water

white unicorn leaps off story book picture ~ on to white page ~ and wanders unseen

horses gaily prancing on the carousel ~ silhouetted ~ against vivid orange sky

ethereal and dreamlike ~ she swam ~ back to source

a frog ~ sitting perfectly still, waiting ~ for a fly

the unseen ~ had changed ~ their invisible places

I watched you sleeping ~ dawn lit up the sky ~ your eyes opened so slowly

floating ~ in the sea of unconscious ~ aware

she opened the attic door ~ to racks of shoes and clothes ~ without bodies or feet

dark and sinister ~ staring eyes behind the mask ~ with strange fixed smile

faceted crystal branches ~ sparkling ~ in the sun

a point of light in the darkness

under the silence of the moon I watch


  1. Genn - Very nice. -Olde Hippi

  2. Very spooky stuff. Always good stuff from you.

  3. Thank you very much Lorna, Olde Hippi and Roary. I really appreciate the time you take to read my poetry _/|\_