Wednesday, 20 April 2016

haiku, haiga, and micropoetry by gennepher

I am sitting in the garden like yesterday with cloudless blue skies, wishing I could swing all day on my African swing again. But I am meeting friends later.

I look at the clear blue sky and see two contrails in a race. They catch up with each other and then there is a white cross in the sky. 'X' marks the spot, I think. My camera phone is in my bedroom. I get it, but by the time this shot is taken is after 'X' marked the spot...

shooting across the clear blue sky
a magpie wins the race

Then, I recall the aftermath of September 11th when there were no planes in the sky for some time. 

clear blue skies
as far as the eye can see

When I did meet up with friends for a coffee, their conversation was all about the Theatre of War, the First World War, the trenches, and honouring all those in this area who died in WW1.

[haiku, haiga, and haibun]

Haiga, tanka, and micropoetry by gennepher

Tanka with a haibun 

Clear blue skies. The sun is beating down. I sit on my African swing, swinging to and fro. Nature is going about its business in my garden. My head is empty of thought which is unusual. It is usually busy working out this and that, designing something, creating, making up little movies, yet for some reason, today is different as I gently swing under these cloudless blue skies. 

to and fro all day
thinking of nothing
I watch
the frogs go by

or I could have written...

to and fro all day
thinking of nothing
I watch blackbirds
bringing in worms

But it was the unexpectedness of the frogs suddenly leaping out of the bluebells in front of me and leaping into the pond that broke me out of the no mind and I became curious and took some photos before I went back to the swing, just swinging...