Wednesday, 20 April 2016

haiku, haiga, and micropoetry by gennepher

I am sitting in the garden like yesterday with cloudless blue skies, wishing I could swing all day on my African swing again. But I am meeting friends later.

I look at the clear blue sky and see two contrails in a race. They catch up with each other and then there is a white cross in the sky. 'X' marks the spot, I think. My camera phone is in my bedroom. I get it, but by the time this shot is taken is after 'X' marked the spot...

shooting across the clear blue sky
a magpie wins the race

Then, I recall the aftermath of September 11th when there were no planes in the sky for some time. 

clear blue skies
as far as the eye can see

When I did meet up with friends for a coffee, their conversation was all about the Theatre of War, the First World War, the trenches, and honouring all those in this area who died in WW1.

[haiku, haiga, and haibun]

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